Flipping Fantastic is a story presented in a form of diary entries. It conveys the thoughts of twin brothers, Tristan and James and their mother. The story starts with the last day of primary school at Peter Hill where the twin brothers both acted parts in a school play. Tristan gets to play the leading character as Tom Sawyer, whereas James only got a tiny role, and still he did not do well. The twin boys have always been together and for the first time they have to go to two different schools. Tristan who is a disabled and wheel-chair bound will be going to Chesterlea Grange, a residential school for special children. His brother James will be going to Highfields, a normal secondary school. Since James and Tristan have always been together, both James and their mother are worried about Tristan’s well being in the new school. Tristan on the other hand was experiencing mixed feelings about leaving the familiar Peter Hill Primary and starting at Chesterlea Grange. In the end, both Tristan and James decide that they would make it on their own if they set their mind to it.