The River

The River’s a wanderer,

A nomad, a tramp,

He doesn’t choose one place

To set up his camp.

The River’s a winder,

Through valley and hill

He twists and he turns,

He just cannot be still.

The River’s a hoarder,

And he buries down deep

Those little treasures

That he wants to keep.

The River’s a baby,

He gurgles and hums,

And sounds like he’s happily

Sucking his thumbs.

The River’s a singer,

As he dances along,

The countryside echoes

The notes of his song.

The River’s a monster

Hungry and vexed,

He’s gobbled up trees

And he’ll swallow you next.

                                                                                                – Valerie Bloom


The poem personified the river as something that is living. It describes the attitudes of the river and the things that the river wants. The poem is also described as something that has both the good and the evil qualities. Therefore, it shows that the river is just like a human that can be good sometimes and at the same time can have evil qualities due to certain reasons. The poem also shows the river which is personified to be able to be as what it chooses to be. The river decides according to circumstances whether it wants to be a baby or a monster.

Man is like a river. In the journey of his life, he becomes a traveler searching for the best. He decides his future as he goes to wherever and finds whatever he wants. He gains a lot of knowledge and experience along the way. Everyone around him feels his happiness. Sometimes, however, if man does not get or achieve what he wants he would show the evil side of him. He will fear no one and will tend to hurt others. Therefore, after some time, he has to settle down.