“One is one and all alone” is a science fiction. The story takes place in the year 2045. The main character is a girl who is eleven. Her name is Trish. She is on board a spaceship traveling to a planet called Trion. Her mother has gone to Trion earlier. Her father is traveling with her in the spaceship. She is very lonely because her father is very busy with work. She has no siblings and friends. A computer becomes her diary. This computer teaches her language and spelling. She also plays games. She loves to play a game called Pop Star where she acts as a pop star. The computer teaches her about the word ‘clone’. This gives her an idea. She makes a clone of herself and calls it Clo. Clo and Trish are identical. They even think the same way. At first Trish was happy to have Clo to accompany her but things began to change. Having a clone as a companion was fun at first but soon the clone wore the girl down. She was so fed up that she decided to get rid of the clone. However, there is a twist to the story. As clones can think alike, it was Clo who actually got rid of Trish by dumping her outside the space-ship as space rubbish. She then took on the role of Trish for the rest of the journey.