Sometimes people behave irrationally when they are in a fit of anger. Azreen’s father who was an egoistic man murdered Madhuri out of rage, when he saw her with Asraf- “Insolent, ungrateful child.  He saw red. The blade flashed in a flurry before his eyes.  A cry escaped Madhuri as she fell, knocking over the latex-filled container.  Saleh pulled away the parang.  But it was too late.” (Pg. 225). Asraf, was angry with the Old Lady as he thought that she had killed her. He brought a mob to kill the old lady. “He, too, held a torch in his hand.  In the other, he held a hoe.  He was much nearer to the house than the other men… And most importantly, loss and anguish fuelled his action.  His eyes burned wildly like the fire of his torch.” (Pg. 198). Similarly, the Old Lady murdered her husband as she could not tolerate any longer his abusive ways.“He was holding her by the shoulder, shaking her hard and yelling curses at her.  He called her all sorts of names.  He kneed her in the stomach, and kicked her when she went down… As he started to force herself on her, her hands reached for the knife and she struck.” (Pg. 103). .

When Azreen was back in London, she received a letter from Asraf, telling her that he had taken up the teaching course in KL.  From her heart, she wished him the best.  Julian was there to accompany her.  She soon saw him in a different light and it was going to be a new beginning.

The title, “The Curse” was chosen specifically by the writer for a certain reason. The novel has some resemblance to the legendary famous Mahsuri. The author uses the name of Madhuri instead of Mahsuri -both past and present have similar setting, which is Langkawi itself. In fact, when she was finally slain, the legend includes a vivid description of her bleeding white blood. This is also seen in this novel when Pn Normala claimed that she had seen Madhuri bleed with white blood.   Perhaps the author wants to show that the values of a society can be completely reflected in a legend or story. Therefore, it is possible to infer the role of women in the modern society was much the same as in the olden days. Women in ancient Malaysia were victims of high expectations and the ubiquitous double standard. The mentality of the people has not changed much since then. In certain ways, women hold a certain power that still prevails as in the curse of Mahsuri!