SECTION A: Questions 1 – 10 are based on the information given


Mother: Milah, please set the table for me.

Milah : Yes mum I will do it now.

  1. From the dialogue, we know that Milah is…

A  obedient*

B. disobedient

C. not helpful

D. very lazy


 House for Rent

*Fully Furnished

*Near KTM station

Rental: RM900.00

Interested,please contact the owner: Ms Irene(012-66677712


  1. Choose the incorrect statement about the house above.
    1. Someone is already renting the house.*
    2. The house belongs to Ms Irene.
    3. The rental has been fixed.
    4. The location is close the KTM station



Replacing Water Pipes

Water supply will be disrupted in several areas from

9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday, 26 December 2011


3.         Why will the water supply be disrupted?

A. There is a major breakdown

B. To conduct regular checks

C. There is not enough water supply

D  Maintenance work will be carried out*



Gently apply on skin


For external use only


  1. The medication is probably used by those suffering from
    1. Breathing problems
    2. Sore throats
    3. Minor burns*
    4. Eye disease


Pandora Mini Market

No Plastic Bag Day

“No Plastic Bag Day’ Campaign will take effect every Saturday.

Consumers who request for plastic bags will be charged

20 cents per bag



  1. From the advertisement, we understand that consumers at Pandora Mini market
    1. are provided with plastic bags everyday when they shop
    2. do not have to bring their own bags even on Saturdays
    3. need to purchase the plastic bags if they need to use them*
    4. will understand that there is a shortage of plastic bags




—————————–Paradise Community Service Centre







  1. The slogan above shows that the community centre
    1. will not provide assistance all the time
    2. is likely to be a profit making company
    3. is likely to be a place to request for assistance*
    4. will give preference to the people they know









Book this holiday package and you will save up to 30% OFF the normal price with Rake Travels.

Valid till 15th October 2011



  1. The advertisement…………………….people to plan their vacation earlier.
    1. guides
    2. instructs
    3. encourages*
    4. forces





Online learning made simple

An education portal, designed to help a young boy catch up with his peers, is launched in Malaysia to complement learning English and Maths in school.













  1. The word complement can best replaced with
    1. To come late
    2. To study
    3. To help*
    4. To learn


Many realise when it is too late

They may be small but termites or more commonly known as white ants have the power to bring down an entire house.

Little did they know that their roof was slowly being devoured by termites. They only realised the extent of the problem when fine dust started falling from the roof.


  1. What is being realized too late?
    1. Termites are bringing down the house*
    2. The roof of the house is broken
    3. The house is dusty
    4. Small animals are very powerful



2011 Sales Carnival

Only in November

Mega Sale!

Pay less for More!

Come visit us now


  1. Which of the following is true about the advertisement?
    1. Customers can buy all kinds of products
    2. Customers can only shop in November
    3. The sale is on throughout the year.
    4. The sale can help one get things for a cheaper price.






Questions 11 – 20 are based on the following text.


Backpacking stands to be a very “mobile” version of camping. It (11)____________hiking and backpacking all rolled into one fun filed activity. Ideally backpacking recreationists have to travel light, bringing with them only the necessary of items, as distances are covered (12)___________ foot when it comes to backpacking. Hiking across lakes and hiking trails, backpackers (13)_________  pitch a tent at ideal pitching spots, rest for the night, break camp, and “hike along”.

Generally, Backpacking campsites (14)_________ free, while equipment don’t exactly cost as much as regular camping equipment. Bottom line, the thing with backpacking is basically, backpackers have to travel light, considering the stresses of having to carry heavy loads while walking.

(15)___________Canoe Camping as another outdoor recreational activity is where the hiking in backpacking is replaced with canoeing. Canoe Camping is quite the recreational activity, (16)_________ “adventurers” the rush of being able to unwind. Another “variation” of the popular outdoor recreational activity is Bicycle Touring. (17)__________ actually combines both cycling and camping. Bicycles are basically the items (18)____________ as the primary means of transportation in Bicycle touring, as well as carrying the necessary camping gear.

If you are considering skydiving, chances are you need to act quickly before you change your mind. There is no (19)_____________ thrill in the world than experiencing falling through the wind at 120 mph, and it is an experience you are sure to never forget. With so many websites and information on the internet about skydiving, it can be confusing (20)_____________ to understand where to go for your daring experience.



  1. A. involve
    1. involves*
    2. involved
    3. involving


  1. A. of

B. for

C. by*

D. at


13.      A.   can

B.   may*

C.   need

D.   must

14.        A.   is

  1. are*
  2. was
  3. were


15.   A.  Then





16              A.  give

  1. gives
  2. gave
  3. giving*


17              A.  It*

  1. Its
  2. They
  3. Which


18              A.  use

  1. used*
  2. user
  3. users


19.       A. best

B. great

C. greater*

D. greatest

20.        A. try

B. tries

C. trials

D. trying



Questions 21 – 23

Read the conversation below and choose the best meaning for the phrases underlined.


Marli              :           I was really terrified last night.

Sera                 :           What happened? Tell us what happened!

Marli              :           Suddenly, out of nowhere two men (21) turned up at our front gate.

Sera                 :           Then?

Marli               :           They demanded us to let them in. My dad tried to(22) take off their masks but failed. Luckily, in the meantime, my sister had already called the police with her mobile phone in the room.

Sera                 :           Was your dad hurt?

Marli               :           No, the police arrived on time and caught them! Luckily we can (23) rely on the police force.


21.       turned up

A         stay for the night

B         appeared*

C         stood

D         called us



22.       take off

A         remove*

B         show

C         repair

D         return



23.       rely on

A         help

B         direct

C         depend*

D         lose


Questions 24 – 26

Read the conversation below and choose the best meaning for the phrases underlined.


Jalil     :           I am so glad that the practice is over!


Saleh   :           Let’s go and unwind (24).


Jalil     :           Let’s go see a movie.


Saleh   :           Oh! I have to back out(25).


Jalil     :           Why?


Saleh   :           I just remembered my uncle said he will come over (26) to my house                   today. I want to see him.



24.       unwind

A.        enjoy

B.         work

C.        relax*

D.         dance




25.       back out

A.           withdraw*

B.           return

C.           walk out

D.           follow



26.       come over

A.        go

B.        visit*

C.        leave

D.        call






Questions 27 – 32 are based on the following notice.





1. Take advantage of campus activities.

Student groups and organizations are a good place to start to look for a list of upcoming events. You might be surprised to find out how much you can save on the weekend by going to a few free things every once in a while.

2. Use student discounts.

This could be a cheaper ticket to the movies, a free drink with your meal or even a percentage off your purchase at your favorite retail clothing store.

3. Buy used.

You can also buy used products when it comes to books and other class requirements. And then at the end of the year, you can sell your books and furniture before leaving campus to make some extra cash.

4. Host group events.

Often times, buying and cooking for one can be tricky. Buying for a group can actually be more cost-effective (food isn’t going to waste) and cooking is easier (since most recipes are written for more than one serving). Rotate who cooks and who hosts, but every time divide the grocery bill amongst everyone that comes

5. Look for other alternatives.

Pack a lunch or a snack rather than going out to eat in between classes.


6. Watch sales.

Keep an eye out for sales on items you purchase regularly. Paying a sale price for the things you use on a daily basis will save you money in the long run.

7. Walk, bike, carpool, or ride the bus.

A monthly or semester bus pass could save you money on gas for those trips that are too far for your bike. If you have no alternative to driving yourself to class, find neighbours or classmates that want to carpool. You’ll all save money on petrol and parking!


8. Cut back on utilities.

Try using natural light during the day and turning off all unnecessary lights. Taking timed showers and only doing full loads of laundry (whenever possible) can save money on the water bill. On top of saving money, you are also being more environmentally-friendly!

These eight ideas can help minimize a few of the most common financial burdens as a college student. This way, you can spend your time worrying about more important things.




27.       Why is car-pooling advisable?

A.        It reduces expenses*

B.        It reduces travelling

C.        Easier to for holidays

D.        Chance to get together.



28.       When we buy used books, it is advised here that we could also…

A. throw them away

B. sell them and earn cash

C. give them away

D. keep them for reference



29.       Budget-conscious consumers should do all the following except

A.  cook your own food

B.  cut down on utilities

C.  go for vacation abroad*

D. change their buying habits



30.       What does the phrase “ natural light” mean?

A.  make your own light

B.  sunlight*

C.  indoor light

D. torchlight


31.       “Carpool” means

A. Pull each others cars

B. Go in many cars together

C. Travel in the same car everyday

D. Share a car with friends to travel*



32.       The main purpose of this notice is to encourage people to…

A. to be more sociable

B. live happily

C. live a healthy life

D. learn to be thrifty*



Questions 32-40 are based on the following passage.


Puan Zainab couldn’t help noticing Mr. Lee her new neighbour, as she was sweeping the sitting-room. It was past 5. He would usually be back home from work by 4.30 and would have gone into the house. But today he was sitting on the culvert of his house.

“Khalid,” she called out to her husband who was comfortably seated on an armchair reading the newspaper. “Yes?” he replied.

“Our new neighbour, Mr Lee has been sitting on the culvert for the past 30 minutes. I wonder if he needs anything . Why don’t you say ‘Hello!’ and ask if you could be of help?”

“What makes you so sure he needs help?” Encik Khalid said standing up to look at Mr Lee. Indeed he looked troubled. So, Encik Khalid went out and bending over the low wall that divided their houses, he asked if he could be of help. The answer was “Yes”. Mr Lee had accidentally locked the doors with the keys inside. Immediately Puan Zainab, who was listening, brought out all the keys she had and Mr Lee started trying them one by one. Fortunately one key did get the door unlocked. Mr Lee was most grateful.





32.       Pn Zainab’s neighbour looked…

A. happy

B. sad

C. frightened

D. worried*


33.       Where was Mr Lee sitting?

A. inside the house

B. near the drain*

C. at the porch

D. in the garden


34.       What happened to Mr Lee?

A. He lost his way

B. He could not get into the house*

C. He was in trouble

D. He felt tired after sitting for a long time.


35.       How did En Khalid react to his wife?

A. He did not take heed

B. He did what she wanted him to do*

C. He carried on reading the newspaper.

D. He brought all the keys he had




36.       The word “troubled” means

A. worried*

B. unsafe

C. frightening

D. irritated


37.       How long was Mr. Lee sitting outside his house?

A. about half an hour*

B. about an hour

C. since 5 pm

D. since 4 pm


38.       We can describe Puan Zainab as a…

A. busy body

B. concerned neighbour*

C. nagging wife

D. nasty neighbour


39.       The phrase ‘most grateful” implies that En Khalid was…

A. happy*

B. unhappy

C. still sad

D. still worried


40.       What had happened to En Khalid’s keys?

A. He had left them in his office

B. They are missing

C. Someone had stolen them

D. He left them in the house*


















Section A : Guided Writing


You are advised to spend about 40 minutes on this question.

Using the pictures and notes below, write an article for your school magazine about your experience at a gotong royong activity.


Gathered in school

Divided into groups

Briefed by teachers

different locations in the school’s premises

Enhancing friendship


1Malaysia spirit

Please add more details to make your composition more interesting. Your composition should be more than 120 words.



























SECTION B: Literature Component




The River

The River’s a wanderer,

A nomad, a tramp,

He doesn’t choose one place

To set up his camp

The River’s a winder,

Through valley and hill

He twists and he turns,

He just cannot be still.

                                    Valerie Bloom



  1. Why does the river twist and turn?





  1. Based on the poem, what does the river represent?

























The following are the novels studied in the literature component in English Language.




  1. The Boscombe Valley Mystery         –                    Arthur Conan Doyle
  2. Black Beauty                                      –                    Anna Sewell
  3. The Journey to the Centre of the Earth –                    Jules Verne



Based on one of the novels above explain why you like or dislike the ending of the story. Give reasons to support your answer. Provide evidence from the text to support your answer.



Your response should be:

  • in not less than 50 words
  • in continuous writing form (not note form)

























Section C : Summary


Read the passage and complete the following task.


By definition, open burning occurs when you burn anything outside. Depending on the circumstances, open burning may or may not be a violation.


Open burning produces smoke, which is made up of fine particles. When inhaled, fine particles can accumulate in the respiratory system causing various respiratory problems including persistent coughs, wheezing and physical discomfort.


Additionally, breathing these fine particles can increase susceptibility to respiratory infections and can aggravate existing respiratory diseases such as asthma and chronic bronchitis. Even short-term exposure to smoke can cause respiratory problems.


In the environment, chemicals contained in smoke, when mixed with rainwater, can speed in the deterioration of man-made materials such as concrete, metal products and paint.


Open Burning, even in the confines of a barrel, can easily get out of hand. The smoke is not the only thing that can cause damage to human and environmental health, when the flames get out of control nothing is safe.


Backyard burning is also frequently the cause of residential, brush, and forest fires, particularly during drought conditions. In some states up to 35 percent of wildfires were started by uncontrolled burning of garbage, brush, and grass. Often, fire hazards are caused by burn piles or barrels left unattended, which grow too large or are not fully extinguished.


What Happens to Bullies?

In the end, most bullies wind up in trouble. If they keep acting mean and hurtful, sooner or later they may have only a few friends left — usually other kids who are just like them. The power they wanted slips away fast. Other kids move on and leave bullies behind.

Luis lived in fear of Brianevery day he would give his lunch money to Brian but he still beat him up. He said that if Luis ever told anyone he would beat him up in front of all the other kids in his class. Luis even cried one day and another girl told everyone that he was a baby and had been crying. Luis was embarrassed and felt so bad about himself and about school. Finally, Brian got caught threatening Luis and they were both sent to the school counselor. Brian got in a lot of trouble at home. Over time, Brian learned how to make friends and ask his parents for lunch money. Luis never wanted to be friends with Brian but he did learn to act strong and more confident around him.

Some kids who bully blame others. But every kid has a choice about how to act. Some kids who bully realize that they don’t get the respect they want by threatening others. They may have thought that bullying would make them popular, but they soon find out that other kids just think of them as trouble-making losers.

The good news is that kids who are bullies can learn to change their behavior. Teachers, counselors, and parents can help. So can watching kids who treat others fairly and with respect. Bullies can change if they learn to use their power in positive ways. In the end, whether bullies decide to change their ways is up to them. Some bullies turn into great kids. Some bullies never learn.

But no one needs to put up with a bully’s behavior. If you or someone you know is bothered by a bully, talk to someone you trust. Everyone has the right to feel safe, and being bullied makes people feel unsafe. Tell someone about it and keep telling until something is done.





Write a summary on how open burning affects us.

Your summary must:

  • not be more than 60 words, including the 10 words given below
  • be in continuous writing (not note form)
  • be written in one paragraph


Use your own words as far as possible without changing its original meaning.

Begin your summary as follows:

Open burning produces smoke, which is made up of fine…









 Section A : Guided Writing


I took part in a gotong-royong at my school recently. Our parents were also roped in the project. Led by the school’s senior assistant, Pn Jamiah, and Parent-Teacher Association head En Alias, many of us turned up as early as 7am and swung into action within minutes.

We were divided into groups and briefed on what to do by our teachers. We were then sent to different locations within the school premises with one aim — to clean all the rubbish. Armed with brooms, dustpans and garbage bags, we went all over the place — the school’s Hall, the toilets, reflexology garden, the field and classrooms. A lorry from the Municipal Council was also brought in to remove the garbage.

The gotong-royong also helped enhance respect and teamwork among students of different races. State rural development, consumer affairs and public amenities committee chairman, who launched the event, commended us, the students and our parents for sacrificing their day off for the clean-up. He said, “It is good to see the parents, teachers and students taking part in the activity. This effort should truly be praised.” Such activities also helped strengthen the spirit of camaraderie among the students and their sense of belonging to the school.

We must love our school because it is here that we learn most things in life. We owe this much to our school. Such activities would also enhance the spirit of 1Malaysia as they allowed parents and students to take part in activities for common benefit.


Section B : Literature Component



  1. 1.      it is flowing continuously and thus twists and turns at the obstacles along the way.
  2. 2.      the journey in a man’s life- with good times  and bad times as life goes on.



.…… I like the ending in the novel Black beauty. It ends on a happy note for Beauty as he spends the rest of his days in Farmer Thoroughgood’s meadows. Here it shows that by being hardworking and responsible, one can achieve success in life.  Beauty being an obedient horse reaps the benefits in his old age. The death of Ginger is also a good ending for the novel.  Although I feel sad reading the death of Ginger, I empathise with her as there is an end to her suffering. Ginger now no longer needs to suffer at the hands of cruel masters and she finally finds peace in her death.  Another ending which I like is when Joe Green recognises Black Beauty in Farmer Thoroughgood’s farm and is overjoyed to see Beauty. This portrays the human touch in man and is heart-rending. Beauty is recognised for his good deeds and loyalty to his previous master Squire Gordon and this also shows that good manners come from good upbringing.




Section C: Summary



Open burning produces smoke, which is made up of fine particles. When inhaled, they can accumulate in the respiratory system causing various respiratory problems. In the environment, chemicals contained in smoke, when mixed with rainwater, can speed in the deterioration of man-made materials. Backyard burning causes residential, brush, and forest fires, particularly during drought conditions. Often, fire hazards are caused by burn piles or barrels left unattended.

Some kids who bully blame others. But every kid has a choice about how to act. Some kids who bully realize that they don’t get the respect they want by threatening others. They may have thought that bullying would make them popular, but they soon find out that other kids just think of them as trouble-making losers.

The good news is that kids who are bullies can learn to change their behavior. Teachers, counselors, and parents can help. So can watching kids who treat others fairly and with respect. Bullies can change if they learn to use their power in positive ways. In the end, whether bullies decide to change their ways is up to them. Some bullies turn into great kids. Some bullies never learn.

But no one needs to put up with a bully’s behavior. If you or someone you know is bothered by a bully, talk to someone you trust. Everyone has the right to feel safe, and being bullied makes people feel unsafe. Tell someone about it and keep telling until something is done.


Questions 1-10 are based on the information given.

Question 1

Read the sign below and answer the question that follows.


1. You will most probably find this sign

A. on a train
B. at a bus stop
C. at a taxi stand
D. along the road*

Question 2

Read the text below. Then, answer the question that follows.

To make poached eggs for a crowd, cook eggs ahead of time, slightly undercooking them. Slide them into a large bowl of cold water. When ready to be served, immerse in barely simmering water for 1 to 2 minutes.

2. The word poached implies that the eggs were

A. boiled in boiling water

B. deep fried in a large pan of hot oil

C. cooked in liquid below boiling point*

D. scrambled in a large bowl of cold water

Question 3

Read the notice below and answer the question that follows.

Topic               : Stress Management

Speaker           : Dr. Adrian Moon

Date                : 28 February 2011

Time               : 2.00 p.m- 4.30 p.m

* Free hot beverages provided

3. Which of the following statements is true about the notice below?

A. Adrian Moon is a person who has stress
B. The talk is targeted for managers with stress
C. The duration of the talk is two and a half hours*
D. Participants must pay for the hot drinks served

Question 4

Read the advertisement below. Then, answer the question that follows.


4. The advertisement tells us

A. you can enrol anytime
B. only birds get a discount
C. you can enrol in the morning
D. those that enrol early pay less*

Question 5

Read the dialogue below and answer the question that follows

Alias : Hi, Ron! Aren’t you going to the English Day Camp?

Ron   : I will not miss it for the world!

Alias : Good. I have been looking forward to have some fun.

5. Based on the dialogue, we know that Ron is…

A. not interested in joining the camp
B. inviting Alias to join the camp
C. definitely joining the camp*
D. organizing a camp

Question 6

Read the message below. Then, answer the question that follows.

Dear Salwah,

I needed to leave early today because we have to attend an interview. You will have to man the store alone today. Please check the balance in the counter before you start work. I will be back by 6 pm.


6. What did Harish ask Salwah to do?

A. Behave like a man for that day.
B. Take care of the sales by herself until he returns*
C. Check if the machine balances well.
D. Count the stock and close the store early

Question 7

Read the headline below and answer the question that follows

Clean-up will be a ‘very tough’ job!

We can conclude from the headline that…

A. the area is very clean
B. the area is extremely dirty*
C. no one wants to do the cleaning
D. there are no workers to do tough jobs.

Question 8

Study the table below and answer the question that follows.



% of population using improved drinking-water sources, 2006 urban 100
% of population using improved drinking-water sources, 2006 rural 96
% of population using improved sanitation facilities 2006 total 94
% of population using improved sanitation facilities 2006 urban 95

8. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A. Everyone in the urban area enjoy clean water
B. Everyone in the rural area do not enjoy clean water.
C. Sanitation facilities still need some improvement
D. Sanitation facilities in the urban area is totally improved*.

Question 9

Read the dialogue. Then, answer the question that follows.

Harvind: Liyana has just told me that you have won the art competition.

Sanjaya : No, that’s not true. It is Sarimah who has actually won the competition.

Harvind : I can’t believe it! You are the best in art.

Sanjaya  : I think Sarimah did better this time.

9. From the dialogue, we know that Sanjaya

A. is the best student

B. is very disappointed

C. is good in art*

D. is not doing well

Question 10

Read the notice and answer the question that follows.


Valid with RM 50 purchase

10. Which of the following statements is true?

A. If you scratch this section you will win RM 50
B. The coupon is sold for RM 50
C. When you spend RM 50, you may use the coupon*
D. You may win more than RM 50


Questions 11 – 18

Each question in the text below refers to a numbered blank. For each question, choose the

best answer from the options A, B, C, andD to fit the numbered blanks.

Tarantulas give some people the creeps because of their large, hairy bodies and legs. But these spiders 11)____________harmless to humans (except for a painful bite), and their mild venom is weaker than a typical bee’s. Among arachnid enthusiasts, these spiders have 12)____________ popular pets. Tarantulas periodically 13)_____________ their external skeletons in a process called molting.

There are hundreds of tarantula species found in most of the 14)___________ tropical, subtropical, and arid regions. They vary 15)___________colour and behaviour according to their specific environments. Generally, 16)_______________tarantulas are burrowers that live in the ground.

Tarantulas are slow and deliberate movers, 17)___________accomplished nocturnal predators. Insects are their main prey, but they also 18)____________ bigger game, including frogs, toads, and mice. The South American bird-eating spider, as it name suggests, is even able to prey upon small birds.

11.       A. is

B. are*

C. was

D. were

12.       A. become*

B. became

C. becomes

D. becoming

13.       A. shed*

B. sheds

C. shading

D. shedding

14.       A. world

B. worlds

C. world’s*

D. worlds’

15.       A. in*

B. of

C. about

D. around

16.       A. although

B. moreover

C. however*

D. even though

17.       A. even

B. may

C. although

D. but*

18.       A. target*

B. targets

C. targeted

D. targeting


Questions 19 – 21

Read the conversation below and choose the best meaning for the phrases underlined

Sandra             : What happened? You’ re late and I was worried.

Linda               : Oh…I am sorry, Sandra. I was held up by the massive road blocks. The usual road that I take was closed due to the national day rehearsals.

Sandra             : You know… we need to present in fifteen minutes.

Linda               : Don’t worry. I will not walk out. We will do it together.

Sandra             : I know I can count on you!

19.       held up

A. surprised

B. jailed

C. delayed*

D. closed

20.       walk out

A. escape

B. leave*

C. surrender

D. disturb

21.       count on

A. depend *

B. defend

C. support

D. refer

Questions 22-24

Read the conversation below and choose the best meaning for the expressions underlined

Miss Goon      :           I am really disappointed in you. You did the same mistake more than once. I want an explanation. It is time to pull up your socks.

Johari              :           Well, Miss Goon …I am not going to beat about the bush. I will tell you what happened.

Miss Goon      :           That’s good. Please come straight to the point. Otherwise you will be suspended for a year from the team.

22.       pull up your socks

A. to wear long socks

B. to wear the socks properly

C. to improve in what you are doing*

  1. to be the best in what you are doing

23.       beat about the bush

A. to talk about the bush

B. to talk around the bush

C. to talk about other unnecessary things*

D. to talk about other students near the bush.

24.       come straight to the point

A. speak in point form

B. speak directly*

C. give important points

D. speak indirectly


Questions 25-28

Read the advertisement below and answer the questions that follow.


Call C.K. Tang at 03-7786756 to get rid of your white ants and other pests.


Stains!If you need your carpets to be cleaned- call Mariam at 03 6678566


Moving house? Any heavy loads to move? Call Razi at 034564332


Computer servicing available at 03 9987866. New computer models for discounted price ( available till stocks last)- callMino

25.       If  you are shifting to a new place and need to move your furniture, whom will you contact?

A. C.K. Tang

B. Mariam

C. Razi*


26.       Which of the statements below is not true.

A. Mino is in charge of computer repairs.

B. Razi can help you by proving transport to carry things.

C. C.K. Tang can get rid of only white ants*

D. Mariam can clean spills and stains on carpets

27.       An ‘exterminator’ is someone who …………….household pests.

A. slaughters

B. kills*

C. demolishers

D. ransacks

28.       Docs Computer Sales and Service…

A. only repairs computers.

B. sells old computers that have been repaired.

C. is giving discount throughout the year

D. is giving discounts until all stocks are cleared*

Questions 29-34

Read the text and answer the questions that follow:

Educational Trip to the Science Centre

Advisors: Mr Wee and Miss Laili

Entertain your eyes and mind at the newly built cineplex

Experience the wildlife environment-as they live in their natural habitat

Cycle the train and learn to produce productive energy

Know your I.Q levels- I.Q tests are available

Retreat from the scorching humidity by going to theSnowCity

Butterfly Park -This outdoor conservatory boasts more than 50 different species of butterflies, from the rare and endangered to the more common varieties.

You may also see how turtles lay eggs

If interested, please give your name and pay RM 30.00 to Mr Tam

29.       What is the purpose of the text?
A. To inform about visit to the Science Centre*

B. To request payment for the visit to the Science Centre

C. To ensure that the advisers are accompanying the students

D. To inform the principle of the school about the planned visit

30.       A cineplex is a place to …
A. shop
B. watch a movie*
C. test the eyes
D. buy souvenirs

31.      Which one of the statements below is not a reason to visit the Science Centre.
A. students will feel cool and relaxed sun bathing

B. students will be able to view a robotic turtle lay eggs

C. watch how wildlife really looks in their natural habitat*

D. learn their I.Q levels by taking a test.

32.       Why should the students cycle to move a small train?

A. to have lots of fun

B. to learn about an energy producing exercise*

C. to exercise and be healthy

D. to have an experience on a train

33.       The visitors to the Science Centre will be able to experience snow because…

A. they will be able make their own snow.

B. there is natural snow all the year around at the centre

C. there is scorching hot sun that will make snow

D. there is artificial snow all the year around at the centre*

34.       Another word for endangered is

A. dangerously brave

B. threatened with extinction *

C. threatened to be dangerous

D. not dangerous at all


Questions 35-37

Read the poem and answer the questions that follow.


I wonder why the grass is green,

And why the wind is never seen?

Who taught the birds to build a nest,

And told the trees to take a rest?

O, when the moon is not quite round,

Where can the missing bit be found?

Who lights the stars, when they blow out,

And makes the lightning flash about?

Who paints the rainbow in the sky,

And hangs the fluffy clouds so high?

Why is it now, do you suppose,

That Dad won’t tell me, if he knows?

  1. What is the overall tone of the poem?
    1. Anger
    2. Questioning*
    3. Sad
    4. Appealing
  1. The phrase ‘…how the wind looks like’  tells us that the writer is….
    1. curious*
    2. confused
    3. passionate
    4. angry
  1.  What does the use of the word ‘wonder’ in the poem indicate?
    1. the reality of life
    2. the creation of God
    3. the ability of human to think*
    4. the richness of mother nature

Questions 38-40

Read the extract below and answer the questions that follow.


One of the features of this ship is its disposal system. There are five big hatches, each one marked ‘DISPOSAL’. You open the hatch, put the thing you want to get rid of into the hole, and whoosh it’s gone. Disposed of for ever in infinite space. One of the five hatches happen to be outside my cabin, in the corridor. There’s never anyone in the corridor at night. There you are then. Tonight’s the night. I’ll be disposing of something definitely. I am going to write a note to go with the item. The note will read, ‘Goodbye, Clo. Have a good trip. Yours never, Trish.

38.       The word ‘item’ in the phrase “…a note to go with the item” refers to

A. the garbage

B. an old computer

C. Clo*

D. the note

39.       What is Trish planning as in the extract?

A. to clear her space

B. kill her clone*

C. throw the garbage

D. write notes to Clo.

40.       Why was Trish very angry?

A. Clo was more beautiful

B. Clo shared everything with her*

C. Trish wanted another new friend

D. Trish was very lonely.